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2017 Senior Representative Campaign & FAQs

Yayaa's Reflections is looking for FOUR 2017 Seniors to be our senior reps!!!

Our reps are SPOILED ;-)

You don't just get ONE photo session as a Senior Rep!

By the time your contract is fulfilled you will earn 

TWO Photo Sessions!!!!!!    Yes ,you're reading that right!!!

Two FULL sessions, but you only pay one session fee !!!!!

In the fall/winter we will shoot your

Senior "Queen/King for a day" session (just this session has an $1,800 value)

and then your second session can be used

any time during 2017 for any of the following sessions:

2nd Sr Session, Primary Family Session, Prom Session, Going Away Session, Modeling Session

Yayaa's Reps receive:

*Queen / King for the Day Session*

(which means you'll be pampered for the entire day)

*Secondary Session*

* 25 Senior Rep Cards to hand out to your friends*

* 8x8 Senior Memory Book 20 customized pages of your fall session portraits*

* Social Network avatars/profile pictures, timeline covers, and collages provided throughout your senior year*

• 11 x 14 METALLIC print of your favorite image from either session*

• Personalized Photo Invitation assistance

• Digital Package of your first session FREE

(cd/thumb drive/download link of/to your chosen 30 high resolution images)

*Print Release*

*Lab Recommendations*

• 40% off all digital packages and/or prints from your senior sessions!

*Professional Hair and Makeup with your Queen/King Session*

*Professionally Styled Wardrobe with Personal Shopper*

*Personal 1 hour Viewing/Ordering Session per session*

*Proof Portfolio*

*King/Queen Print Package* OR *$100 Print Credit*

Total value of over $3,600!!!!

But my Senior Reps 

 get ALL of this (plus tons of fun)

for under $1,000!!!!!!!

All you have to do is

•be a 2017 Senior Graduate

•have your parents permission

•pay the contract cost by March 1st, 2017

(yes I DO have payment plans available)

•be active on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)

•use the images we take of you as your profile picture/avatar just one week out of each month

•pass out your senior rep cards / our business cards

•refer ONE senior client to us who books by March 1, 2017

and shoots their

2017 senior session with Yayaa's Reflections! (YES, only ONE)

Interested?! Email us at YayaasReflections@gmail.com

We'll send you our application to see if you will become part of Yayaa's Reflections

Past Senior Clients

Yayaa's Reflections Senior Portrait Packages

Senior Rep FAQ What schools do you need senior reps for?

We are not looking for specific schools. We are wanting seniors from anywhere in Texas or Louisiana at this time.

Can I be part of your senior rep program if I live outside of your 65 mile radius?

You sure can! Just keep in mind that you will be required to send at least one referral to me and not everyone wants to drive hours to have portraits done or pay travel fees for a photographer outside of the area. Also, you will be required to attend the group shoot in November which will be in the Sour Lake area. 

What are your travel fees if I'm chosen as a senior rep and I live outside the 65 mile area?

My travel fees are $35 per 100 miles past the first initial 65 miles. If I am required to stay overnight and/or hire a sitter for my two little ones then my travel fee will also be $50 plus hotel room rate.

(ex: If I drive to Corpus Christi  for a Saturday shoot at 6pm: that's 244 miles so with 179 miles over the 65 and a rate of $35 per 100 that would be around $60 for travel, $50 for a sitter, and $55 to stay overnight at quality Inn...that's a total of $165 just for travel. 

If you want to travel to me for the shoots then that is perfectly fine and does not add any type of travel fee. 

When do you start accepting applications for next year?

We will begin accepting applications for 2018 Graduates in May 2017!!!

What are you looking for in a senior rep?

Seniors who will represent us in a positive way and spread the word about our work! 

Are you accepting guys and gals to be a senior rep?


Is there a specific type of personality or hobby/interest that you are looking for your senior rep to have?

Nothing specific as far as hobbies or interests, but we’re looking for unique individuals who are proud to march to the beat of their own drum! Just be yourself ;-)

What are my job duties and responsibilities as a senior rep?

The following are the job duties and responsibilities for being a senior representative with Yayaa’s Reflections.

1.) Refer ONE client by March 1st, 2017. Client must book and shoot with us before April 2017

.2.) Use one of our images as your profile/avatar photo on all social medias for at least one week per each month through graduation day.

3.) Use our watermarked images from your sessions as your facebook profile photo for at least a week every other month until graduation.

4.) Agree to only represent Yayaa’s Reflections– that means no photos by other studios (unless your school has any mandatory yearbook photos or something similar), and always presenting us in a positive way!

5.) Agree to hand out your Senior Rep Cards to your friends and classmates who ask about your senior portraits!

6.) Agree that any images (collages included) we provide for your use will not be edited by you in any way (including adding filters) and will not remove or have the watermark removed.

7.) Agree that you and your parent/guardian will sign and adhere to a model release and contract before the first scheduled session.

8.) Agree to only have your senior portraits done by Yayaa’s Reflections!

Am I required to attend any events/workshops/community events?

You are required to attend your two sessions (of course), one 2017 Senior Rep group shoot, and our Grand Opening of our new Studio in Sour Lake!

Does it cost to be a senior rep?

Yes, there is a financial investment required to be involved in our rep program. You will pay for your first session, your Queen/King for the Day Package at a discounted price (Normally $1,800.00 but you will only pay $850.00).  Girls will pay for professional hair and professional makeup for the first/fall session and have the option to pay for it on the second one.

$850.00 + ($65.00+ $40.00 ) = $850.00 + $105.00 = $955.00   

+8.25% sales tax!

How do I apply to be a senior rep?

Send an email to yayaasreflections@gmail.com and ask for one ;-)

When will I find out if I have been selected as a senior rep?

We will stop taking applications on Sunday, September18th, 2016 at midnight, and I plan to announce the 2017 Senior Rep Squad by Friday, September 23rd.

What will I receive in exchange for representing your studio?

1.) TWO Senior Photoshoots!!!! Yes you're reading that right!!! Two FULL sessions, but you only pay one session fee !!!!!  Your fall session is a Queen/King for a day" shoot which means you'll be pampered ALL day!

2.) 25 Senior Rep “Business” Cards to hand out to your friends FREE

3.) 8x8 Senior Memory Book 20 customized pages of your fall session portraits FREE

4.) Social Network avatars/profile pictures, timeline covers, and collages provided throughout your senior year FREE

5.) 11 x 14 metallic print of your favorite image from either session FREE

6.) Assistance in designing your personalized Photo Graduation Invitations FREE

7.) FREE digital Package of your first session

8.) 40% off all products, prints, and packages purchased for up to three months after you receive your spring images. Plus ALL that is included in the Queen/King Senior Package

That's over $1,000 in FREE product and services!!!!!

If I’m selected, when will my session take place?

Your first/fall session must take place between September 1st, 2016 and March 1st, 2017. Your second session must occur between March 1st-September 2017. Group Session will more than likely occur during the month of October or November 2016. 

Will this be an individual or a group session with other senior reps?

Your first session and secondary session are individual, and there will be one group session planned at this time.

Do I have any say over where that session is located or what I wear?

Of course you do! These are YOUR senior portraits and we want you to feel like your images represent you. We will help you style and finalize your sessions as well as discuss the different location options with you.

If I do not meet my mandatory referral quota, will I still be able to receive my products?

You will only need to refer one person; however, if you are not able to meet you mandatory referral quota of ONEthen you will be liable to pay for the services already rendered and products included in the package 

When will I receive my products?

For your fall session (if it is before end of November, you will receive your sneak peaks (10-12 images) from you fall session within 1-2 weeks, your senior rep cards around the 3rd week after your session, the full set of images within 4-5 weeks, and the memory book and the 11x14 around 2 weeks after I finish your full set of images. For your secondary session the sneak peak time is about the same but the full set will more than likely be extra time since that is peak season, and I am usually booking 6-7 days out of the week during that time. So around 5-6 weeks for your full set. This is all just an estimate of course and will depend on several key factors.

What do I need to bring?

During your consultation we will begin to put a list together of what you will need to bring with you, but some basics are: 3 changes of clothes, cap and gown, tassel, class ring, letterman jacket, any special memento you want included (i.e. preschool graduation picture, charm bracelet, etc), any team/club uniform or shirt you’d like included. and any awards you want included in your session.

What should I do to prepare for the session?

Just relax and remember this photoshoot is all about having fun! You can practice poses or faces/looks in the mirror. I will send you some pictures and/or links to basic “modeling” poses and expressions that are flattering.

Who all should come to the shoot? Can I bring a friend/family member?

That is totally up to you! You are certainly more than welcome to bring your best friend or your parent/guardian as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable around them! I want 100% of your attention and focus so I can help you to relax and enjoy your photoshoot!

Will these images be posted online or any social networks?

Yes the will! They will be posted on my website, facebook, instagram, pinterest, and possibly other websites.

Should I go tanning before my session?

Honestly, NO but then again I was a health education teacher for 12 years, and I don’t think tanning is healthy lol; however, I know some people get spray tans as a “safer” option. I truly prefer natural skin because it photographs better and makeup application is much easier as well. With that being said, if you feel better when you get a spray tan by all means, get one…Just make sure it is at least three days before your session!!! I can adjust skin tones in post-processing but if I’m spending an hour on correcting your skin color then that’s less time I have to edit your session as a whole and you won’t end up with as many images. ;-)

How many photos do you typically take during the session?

Well…about that….I LOVE to shoot….and I usually shoot around 500 + frames a session but I will cull through several different times to get the best of the best of your session! How many photos will I receive? I will edit around 30 -50 and when you come back in for your viewing appt you will choose the top 25-35 images of the ones I edit.

Do you offer professional retouching?

Yes absolutely ;-)

Do you provide styling tips?

Yes! This will be discussed at your initial consultation and up until each of your sessions!

What should I wear?

This will also be discussed at the consultation and throughout until your session. I want you to wear outfits that reflect YOU and how you present yourself to the world! If you want me to go shopping with you for outfits, I will do this for my senior reps at no charge!

Do you provide the props that are in the photos or do I need to bring my own?

Most of the props will be included by Yayaa’s Reflections and if you need to bring anything of your own for a prop I will let you know. If you WANT to bring something as a prop please do!!! ;-)

Do you have a hair/makeup artist that I need to use or do I need to provide that myself?

Yes! I have three professional, licensed make-up artsists and three professional, licensed hair stylists to choose from for your session. For my female senior reps I do require hair and makeup from my team members for your first session and that is included in your contract. Since I hire the makeup artists and stylists as independent contractors I do not include this in my session fee prices and you will pay the artist(s) directly. However, with your secondary session you can decide to use my Vanity Team or use one of your own at your expense. If you choose to use your own PLEASE make sure they are a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL using hi-def makeup suitable for photography lighting.

Can I order more prints/products later?

Absolutely! You will receive 40% off all packages, prints, or products for up to 3 months after you receive your set of images from your spring session!!! After that you will still be able to purchase more prints/products at regular price.

How do you accept payment and when is it due?

I accept all kinds of payment. Cash, Check, Credit Card, Money Order, and Paypal

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